2016 Silver Awards Recipient

Wedding Photographer of the Year 2016

wedding-day-celebration-01Rick Ho

wedding-details-01Nominees – Fei Wang

wedding-day-bride-alone-01Nominees – Alex Tan

wedding-day-groom-alone-01Nominees – Alex Tan

prewedding-bride-alone-01Nominees – Lucas Shu

prewedding-groom-alone-01Nominees – Leno Ooi

prewedding-bridegroom-together-01Nominees – Leno Ooi

wedding-art-01Nominees – Leno Ooi

wedding-contemporary-01Nominees – Susu Huang



Portrait Photographer of the Year 2016

portrait-classical-01Johnson Wee

portrait-art-01Nominees – Jung Yi Lin

newborn-n-children-01Nominees – Nina Tantzen

Commercial Photographer of the Year 2016

illustrative-01Dheny Patungka

fashion-01Nominee – Brendan Zhang

still-life-01Nominee – EK Yap

EK YAP Creative Director Photographer www.ekyap.com www.flickr.com/ekyapNominee – EK Yap

advertising-01Nominee – EK Yap


Press Photographer of the Year 2016

sports-01Stanley Cheah

street-01Nominee – Michael Chan

event-01Nominee – Tong Leng Liew

travel-01Nominee – David Lawrence Lim


Nature Photographer of the Year 2016

landscape-01Tong Leng Liew

pets-wildlife-01Nominee – Imran Ahmad

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