Apology to Mr. Muse Chan

It has come to our attention that Mr. Muse Chan has protested that one of his submissions has been wrongfully judged.

With further probing and in consultation with other judges, the score is now being revised from 69 to 86. Regretfully MPA Far East admits that there is a lapse of good judgment of this image. We agreed that this image is taken by a drone and not a composite manipulation.

The judges involved in this image are veterans in good standings and consistently achieving excellence in their fields of works. Particularly wedding and portraits.

We noted that these judges are not in tune with the latest drone technology therefore resulting in this lapse of judgement. With this in mind, we will ensure that all judges will be kept up to date with further group training and ensure such incident does not happen again.

We at MPA Far East sincerely apologise to Mr. Muse Chan for the anguish that has caused him. We appreciate the feedback provided by Mr. Muse Chan and recognise him as one of the excellent visual image maker in this decade.


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