Lito Sy

The science and art of wedding photography that comes into perfect balance and synchronicity.

lsprofileBeautiful, Candid, Elegant, Timeless — these words transcend the images of Joselito “Lito” Sy as he is considered as the most sought-after and most respected wedding photographer in the Philippines today. These words also run through his veins that is why his clientele is composed of celebrities, businessmen, politicians and even the family of the Philippines’ Vice-President.

Lito’s luxurious, spontaneous, and elegant approach to his photos provides a perfect mix of storytelling and artistry. He makes the special day of the couple even more special by making each photograph a timeless work of art.

With over 26 years of professional experience in wedding photography, Lito is no stranger to wedding photographers worldwide. His techniques and artistry made him one of the most awarded lensmen in his field. These awards include the ‘Photographer of the Year’ (four times) in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (WPPP), first placer numerous times in the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) print competitions in Las Vegas USA, one of the few members of the WPPI Double Master Photographers, included in the top 30 wedding photographers in Asia and accolades such as a Master Photographer of WPPP (Wedding & Portrait Photographers of the Philippines, WPPM (Wedding & Portrait Photographers of Malaysia) and the WPPAsia (Wedding & Portrait Photographers of Asia).

In the Philippines, Lito is also one of the chosen few to endorse and to be an ambassador of products like Fujifilm, Phottix, Wacom Tablets, Epson Printers, Lexar, Spider Holsters, Vanguard Tripods and Think Tank Bags.

But for Lito, his achievements humble him a lot. Unlike other photographers who constantly think of business alone, Lito makes sure that he has time to conduct workshops and seminars not only to inspire photographers, but to share his techniques for the budding photographers’ skills to further improve.

This ‘big heart’ personality of Lito is admired by a lot of photographers making him the Philippine Icon of Wedding Photography.

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